Saturday, October 30, 2004

Politics of Failure

I've brushed on this before: Kerry's decision to "go negative." It's amazing how many failures have happened in the last four years (yes, I'm being sarcastic):

- Bush failed at protecting us before 9/11/01
- Bush failed at stabilizing the economy
- Bush failed at growing the economy
- Bush failed at stabilizing Afghanistan
- The military failed at getting bin Laden
- Bush failed at working with the UN
- Bush failed at working with our allies
- Bush failed at stabilizing Iraq
- The military failed at killing every terrorist
- The military failed at protecting the ammo dumps

and on, and on, and on....

I have faith that the American voter will go into the voting booth, take stock in America, and say, "things aren't as bad as Kerry says. The economy is doing very well and our troops are kicking tail." more vote for Bush.

He's Baaaaaack! (no, I'm not psychic)

Just yesterday, I threw out a post of what Kerry and UBL have in common.

Lo and behold, here comes a new bin Laden videotape. And it was recently made. So, I guess I have to admit that I was wrong. I knew deep inside that UBL was reduced to ooze, buried in the mountains of Tora Bora. My reasoning: the guy is like Clinton. He just can't stay away from the camera. Since we haven't heard from him on any recently made tape, I figured he must be dead. Oops.

So, UBL comes out an basically tells Americans that Bush is the enemy and responsible for the violence. Nice. I bet UBL has a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker on his camel.

Friday, October 29, 2004

GI Joe in the Desert

I found this pic online and I love it. Strength, power, courage, and glory. Go get 'em, guys!

Usama Bin Laden and John Kerry

What do UBL and Kerry have in common? They both hate the US military.

What is the difference between UBL and Kerry? UBL has only hated the US military for 12 years. Kerry has for well over 30 years.

Just thought you'd want to know before we elect our Commander-In-Chief.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Shilling Leaves Cards, Dems Speechless

In addition to fanning the Cards' red-hot batters, Shilling threw a big K against Kerry.


Boston pitcher Curt Schilling...said today on ABC's "Good Morning America": "Tell everybody to vote. And vote Bush next week."
Poor Charlie Gibson stuttered and bumbled as he tried to recover from Shilling's statement. I'm sure he's never had that problem when interviewing a Hollywood hack.

John Kerry...hating America since 1968

Well, probably before that, but he wasn't in a position to do anything about it. Who would have ever believed that a hardcore-socialist, America-hating, military-bashing politico would have ever made it as far as Kerry has? We'll see if he gets slapped down on Tuesday....

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Terrorist Endorsement?

This just in from Boortz:


This has to go at the head of the Nuze today. It's official. The Islamic bastards killing our men and women in Iraq are pulling for John Kerry. Most of us aren't surprised.

The Islamic murderers in Iraq ("insurgents," as the media calls them) have now removed all doubt as to their objective. Is it just to kill Americans? Prevent democracy from taking hold in Iraq? Avenge the overthrow of Saddam Hussein? None of the above. They have now said their #1 objective is to elect John Kerry president of the United States next Tuesday. Surprised? You shouldn't be. A lot of people, including myself, have been telling you this for months. Listen to the words of Mohammad Amin Bashar of the Muslim Scholars Association, a pro-insurgency group: "If the U.S. Army suffered numerous humiliating losses, Kerry would emerge as the superman of the American people," Another of The Poodle's supporters among the Iraqi resistance is Abu Jalal. He had this to say: "American elections and Iraq are linked tightly together. We've got to work to change the election, and we've done so. With our strikes, we've dragged Bush into the mud." (emphasis mine)

Now you have to ask yourself just why would these America-hating Islamic terrorists be against George Bush?Easy. Because they fear him, that's why. Because he has vowed to destroy them, and they believe him, that's why. Terrorists like to be appeased, not destroyed. They like to be given numerous chances to clean up their behavior, then slapped on the wrist when they keep chopping off innocent people's heads. They know that they will get their way, that America will cower in fear, when John Kerry is elected president of the United States. Complicit in all of this is the mainstream media, the Islamic jihadists' public relations arm. The media in this country plays right into their hands, supporting their agenda and blowing their accomplishments out of proportion whenever possible. The left shares the goal with the Islamic terrorists in Iraq: defeat Bush and elect Kerry. So the attacks get over-reported, Iraq is made to look like it is a disaster, videotapes showing hostage-taking and demands are show on TV, and so on. So the burning question is this: will John Kerry accept their endorsement? Probably so, and then he'll blame Bush for making him do it.

Just remember, when you walk into that voting booth next Tuesday Mohammad Amin Bashar and Abu Jalal, along with a bunch of their friends, want you to vote for John Kerry.

Scary stuff. Tell your friends. Get out and vote!

It's Bush's Fault...Again

They're finally here! is reporting that the NAACP and Scientists and Engineers for Change and Environment2004 have bought some billboards in Florida. And guess what? It's Bush's fault for the hurricanes that have ravaged the southeast.

"Global warming equals worse hurricanes. George Bush just doesn't get it." is the claim on the boards.

Who knew?

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

October Surprise? they come. The old media, the UN, and the Liberals acting in concert to upset the election. Now we have the breathless reporting of 380 tons of weapons that have gone missing in Iraq. CNN has reported this story over 50 times. MSNBC over 30 times. John Kerry is hitting the stump with accusations of incompetence.

One problem: this story was broken by an embedded NBC reporter as the troops rolled in - back on April 10, 2003. Hello? Can you say, "old news"???

And the word is that the UN tried shopping this "new" story to 60 Minutes. The hapless CBS group was going to break the story right before the election. Why would a news organization sit on a hot story for several days? Why would a news organization report old news as new news so the viewer would infer that it just happened under Bush's watch?

Media bias or media incompetence? Given 60 Minutes' track record, I'm sure you can guess which it is.

I'm still waiting on Hillary's October Surprise to torpedo Kerry's election chances. Rumor has it that Kerry's military discharge was less than honorable. I'm sure Hillary has access to that info...even if Kerry refuses to fill out Form 180.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Right-to-Vote Nonsense

Boortz and Charen have been talking about this for a little while now. Nowhere in the Constitution are we given the right to vote. The States select delegates for the Electoral College. The States just happen to hold elections to choose those delegates.

Yeah, yeah...the 15th and 19th Amendments. They only give the States guidelines about how voting must be conducted. States cannot exclude a person on account of race or gender. Equal opportunity and such. This is why some States forbid felons from voting and some do not.

So, the big question: who should (or shouldn't) vote?
- Felons. If you choose not to be a productive member of society, then why should you care about the ballot box?
- Welfare Recipients. This is Boortz's idea. I'm not totally sold on it. His view: if you are profiting off the government, why should you get a say? Besides, you aren't contributing to the society...
- Anyone who says, "Bush stole the election." These people are either too partisan or too poorly educated to even understand how the constitution works. We're a Republic...not a Democracy. The popular vote totals do not count, no matter how often Jay Leno mentions it.
- Those who do not know their elected officials. If you don't know your US congressman's name...or the State senator or congressman, then why should you vote? You have no clue, so you're just guessing. That's scary. And what's worse - there are a shocking number of people who don't even know who the President and/or Vice-President are. Wow.
- Anyone who has ever played the President on TV. Enough said.


I can't figure out why, but conservatives seem to hate incrementalism. Libs have embraced it. We get angry because we can't end abortion NOW or end gay marriage NOW. But look at Medicare and Social Security...those programs weren't tax-sucking monsters when they were started. Over time, with incrementalism, the American public couldn't imagine living with out them. And heaven forbid any politician dare touch the third rail.

Note to fellow conservatives: take what you can, when you can. We'll get there. Be patient. Some politicians (read: Specter) aren't even going to give us little gains, but the vast majority are. Most in the GOP are willing to give little gains here and there. It takes time. We may not see vast changes for ourselves, but our children will.

Helping Kerry Win

How hard would it have been for Kerry to run his campaign in the following manner:
- I am proud of our troops and I support all they do. I support the Commander-In-Chief during this time of war.
- I have been a public servant for 20 years. I have voted on many issues and I'm proud of my votes and public service.
- Our economy is teetering and I could make it better, stronger, and stable.

Sure, there's a little more here and there that he could say, but instead, he chose to be negative, negative, negative. Granted, his votes would still be used against him, but Americans like someone who sticks to his/her guns. His constant bragging about being a hero only turns off people and invites attack.

You have to run on who you are...not what you hope people want.

I wonder if Dick Morris is hiring....

Misunderestimating the Right

Yet another political season, yet another blunder by the left. Algore did it in 2000 and the Kerry campaign is doing it now. Algore blasted the gun owners (nice pun, huh?) and was smarmy with the Christians. Kerry is smarmy with both the hunters (photo op) and Christians (shamelessly dredging up Mary Cheney)...and THK is now on record as thinking that stay-at-home moms don't have a real job.

On top of that, Kerry willingly jumped headfirst into the abortion debate by offering vocal support for taxpayer-funded abortions and partial-birth abortion. By the way...killing those babies will offer the same stem cells that give John Edwards the ability to heal the crippled.

Sadly, Christians are typically single-issue voters. We jump back if someone doesn't want to ban all abortions instantly. Interestingly, Kerry has yet figured out how to capitalize on this. If he would have kept his mouth shut about abortions (or tried to sound more middle-of-the-road), then Christians would have seen little threat and maybe stayed home. Kerry also dragged stem cell research into the campaign. Now Christians have two issues. Amzingly, Kerry made a safe answer with gay marriage (it's wrong, but no Amendment is necessary). This stance kept Christians from having a third reason to turn out and vote.

Then there's security. 30 years ago, adults hated seeing our troops degraded by know-it-all youth. Today is the same. Seeing angry teenagers (and the boomers who never grew up) is such a turn-off by those who actually take the risk to give the youth the right to yap away. Right-wingers are proud of our country...our heritage...and our troops. We support them and the missions on which they are deployed.

Why them Dems have embraced the extreme leftists in the party is beyond me. This is a Christian nation, like it or not. The never-ending attack of the majority who hold that view is confusing, but secretly, I like it. It makes me want to vote even more than before. And the same holds true with millions of us on the right. Keep it coming, John.