Friday, October 22, 2004

Helping Kerry Win

How hard would it have been for Kerry to run his campaign in the following manner:
- I am proud of our troops and I support all they do. I support the Commander-In-Chief during this time of war.
- I have been a public servant for 20 years. I have voted on many issues and I'm proud of my votes and public service.
- Our economy is teetering and I could make it better, stronger, and stable.

Sure, there's a little more here and there that he could say, but instead, he chose to be negative, negative, negative. Granted, his votes would still be used against him, but Americans like someone who sticks to his/her guns. His constant bragging about being a hero only turns off people and invites attack.

You have to run on who you are...not what you hope people want.

I wonder if Dick Morris is hiring....

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