Friday, October 22, 2004

Misunderestimating the Right

Yet another political season, yet another blunder by the left. Algore did it in 2000 and the Kerry campaign is doing it now. Algore blasted the gun owners (nice pun, huh?) and was smarmy with the Christians. Kerry is smarmy with both the hunters (photo op) and Christians (shamelessly dredging up Mary Cheney)...and THK is now on record as thinking that stay-at-home moms don't have a real job.

On top of that, Kerry willingly jumped headfirst into the abortion debate by offering vocal support for taxpayer-funded abortions and partial-birth abortion. By the way...killing those babies will offer the same stem cells that give John Edwards the ability to heal the crippled.

Sadly, Christians are typically single-issue voters. We jump back if someone doesn't want to ban all abortions instantly. Interestingly, Kerry has yet figured out how to capitalize on this. If he would have kept his mouth shut about abortions (or tried to sound more middle-of-the-road), then Christians would have seen little threat and maybe stayed home. Kerry also dragged stem cell research into the campaign. Now Christians have two issues. Amzingly, Kerry made a safe answer with gay marriage (it's wrong, but no Amendment is necessary). This stance kept Christians from having a third reason to turn out and vote.

Then there's security. 30 years ago, adults hated seeing our troops degraded by know-it-all youth. Today is the same. Seeing angry teenagers (and the boomers who never grew up) is such a turn-off by those who actually take the risk to give the youth the right to yap away. Right-wingers are proud of our country...our heritage...and our troops. We support them and the missions on which they are deployed.

Why them Dems have embraced the extreme leftists in the party is beyond me. This is a Christian nation, like it or not. The never-ending attack of the majority who hold that view is confusing, but secretly, I like it. It makes me want to vote even more than before. And the same holds true with millions of us on the right. Keep it coming, John.

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