Tuesday, October 26, 2004

October Surprise?

So...here they come. The old media, the UN, and the Liberals acting in concert to upset the election. Now we have the breathless reporting of 380 tons of weapons that have gone missing in Iraq. CNN has reported this story over 50 times. MSNBC over 30 times. John Kerry is hitting the stump with accusations of incompetence.

One problem: this story was broken by an embedded NBC reporter as the troops rolled in - back on April 10, 2003. Hello? Can you say, "old news"???

And the word is that the UN tried shopping this "new" story to 60 Minutes. The hapless CBS group was going to break the story right before the election. Why would a news organization sit on a hot story for several days? Why would a news organization report old news as new news so the viewer would infer that it just happened under Bush's watch?

Media bias or media incompetence? Given 60 Minutes' track record, I'm sure you can guess which it is.

I'm still waiting on Hillary's October Surprise to torpedo Kerry's election chances. Rumor has it that Kerry's military discharge was less than honorable. I'm sure Hillary has access to that info...even if Kerry refuses to fill out Form 180.

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