Saturday, October 30, 2004

Politics of Failure

I've brushed on this before: Kerry's decision to "go negative." It's amazing how many failures have happened in the last four years (yes, I'm being sarcastic):

- Bush failed at protecting us before 9/11/01
- Bush failed at stabilizing the economy
- Bush failed at growing the economy
- Bush failed at stabilizing Afghanistan
- The military failed at getting bin Laden
- Bush failed at working with the UN
- Bush failed at working with our allies
- Bush failed at stabilizing Iraq
- The military failed at killing every terrorist
- The military failed at protecting the ammo dumps

and on, and on, and on....

I have faith that the American voter will go into the voting booth, take stock in America, and say, "things aren't as bad as Kerry says. The economy is doing very well and our troops are kicking tail." more vote for Bush.

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Michael said...

Hey Rich, looks like we've got a lot in common.

This post struck a nerve in me. The facts don't lie in that jobs and the economy have been bad under Bush. But I don't understand why no one wants to point out that...

a: they were sliding downhill during Clinton
b: when we were attacked, the stock market plummetted, causing the economy to screech to a halt, causing job loss.

I appluad Bush's tax cuts to the wealthy(the ones who pay most of the taxes anyway). He did it to try to jumpstart the economy...and it eventually did. I join you in voting tomorrow. BTW - nice TJ.