Friday, October 22, 2004

Right-to-Vote Nonsense

Boortz and Charen have been talking about this for a little while now. Nowhere in the Constitution are we given the right to vote. The States select delegates for the Electoral College. The States just happen to hold elections to choose those delegates.

Yeah, yeah...the 15th and 19th Amendments. They only give the States guidelines about how voting must be conducted. States cannot exclude a person on account of race or gender. Equal opportunity and such. This is why some States forbid felons from voting and some do not.

So, the big question: who should (or shouldn't) vote?
- Felons. If you choose not to be a productive member of society, then why should you care about the ballot box?
- Welfare Recipients. This is Boortz's idea. I'm not totally sold on it. His view: if you are profiting off the government, why should you get a say? Besides, you aren't contributing to the society...
- Anyone who says, "Bush stole the election." These people are either too partisan or too poorly educated to even understand how the constitution works. We're a Republic...not a Democracy. The popular vote totals do not count, no matter how often Jay Leno mentions it.
- Those who do not know their elected officials. If you don't know your US congressman's name...or the State senator or congressman, then why should you vote? You have no clue, so you're just guessing. That's scary. And what's worse - there are a shocking number of people who don't even know who the President and/or Vice-President are. Wow.
- Anyone who has ever played the President on TV. Enough said.

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