Friday, November 26, 2004

Thankful for Liberal Friends

Thanksgiving is now over. I got to enjoy the holiday at the home of some extended family members. In between the turkey and the cheesecake, an old friend from high school and I settled in to a discussion of religion and politics. It seems my friend became liberal (surprise, surprise) sometime between the start of college and living in Rhode Island. Ahhhh, those blues.

Thankfully, my friend was able to speak passionately and clearly about his views. He was very willing to listen to my views. Our discussion was fantastic. I asked him when he was going into politics...he has the education, the articulation, and the passion. I found myself wondering what the Democratic Party would be like if there were more people like him in it. No shrill accusations (which he disagreed with, by the way). Just meaningful, respectful discussion. I hope he considers running.

We discussed nearly everything from gay marriage to the war on terror to solving the problem with Iran. In addition to learning he was woefully informed of some facts, it dawned on me that although he has a moral compass, he just couldn't bring himself to labeling right and wrong. It's one thing to know right and is quite another thing to declare it.

In the end, it came down to two totally different views of the country: believing in it or distrusting it. He brought up intelligence the 2001 terrorist attacks proved we had an intelligence problem and we should have waited to act on Iraq until we got it all straightened out. I wasn't able to discover how long was long enough. Ulimately, our difference was this: at the end of the day, I trust our President, Congress, Courts, Military, and Public to keep each other in check and ultimately get it right. And my friend just wasn't so sure.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Rampant Unionism

I understand the historical significance of labor unions. I'm aware that some companies treat workers quite poorly. That said, I've also been a proponent of personal responsibility. If a company treats you poorly, go find another job.

So, as we move from job to job, we try to find situations that are better. We look to build up our resumes and show a clear career path. We look for that brass ring and we strive to grasp it.

Well, most of us do.

There are those in America who do not have the drive and determination to strive for the best. They choose to languish in a job and focus their energies in making that job fit them for their entire working life.

Today, two stories in the news show these people. The first reports on efforts of pizza delivery drivers fighting to unionize. Isn't that a temporary, entry-level job? Why would you unionize unless it were a lifelong profession? If the pay stinks, aim higher!

The second news story reveals the plight of Pennsylvania Turnpike employees. It seems that making upwards of $21 per hour and having 100% of their benifits paid isn't enough to cover the effort required to collect tickets and make change. So, they went on strike. The driving force of America has to deal with congested toll booths so this union can complain about how unfair their working conditions are.

Do we need pizza delivery drivers? Absolutely. Do we need toll takers? Well, I'd prefer that the "temporary" tolls would finally disappear. In the meantime, we do need the workers. But these jobs are entry-level jobs. People should strive to do better.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Post Election Selection Trauma...Who is at Fault?

We all know about PEST by now - the phenomenon of feeling hopelessly dejected by Bush winning - but I haven't heard of anyone discussing why it happens.

Could it be that these poor souls have believed their own spin so deeply for so long that it absolutely consumes their lives? They want to hate Bush so badly that they feed off every Bush-bashing morsel thrown at them by the Old Media and take it to heart.

These people actually believe all of the bad things about Bush. They are so consumed with hatred that they are no longer capable of viewing events with objectivity. And that is the real trauma.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A Generation of Losers

Radio host Jim Quinn tuned me into this thought: we now have raised a generation of Americans who don't know how to lose. In schools, we give "checks" and "check-plusses" instead of the trusty A-F scale. We don't let kids keep score during sporting events. We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Fast forward to 2004...boatloads of sheltered Americans cast listen to the nightly news for their only information about the world. They think the war in Iraq is a failure. They think that the economy is in the toilet. They think Bush is a bad man who will sell out America for some oil money.

They cast their votes against Bush and wake up to find out that Bush won. The losers have finally found out what it is like to lose in a passionate struggle. They are dejected and despondent. They think that one man has caused all the troubles of the world and now that man is going to be around for four more years.

Please. My life revolves around the actions of one Not the guy in the White House. Not my congressman. Not my senator. Me. About 25 years ago, I learned about competition. My T-ball team lost...every game. How humiliating! But, I stayed with baseball and my team won the championship a few years later.

If you don't win, stick with it. Fight it out. Work hard and be happy! Life is too short to cry over a political election. Kerry and his supporters got a big "F" on election day. You can cry to the teacher about the grade or adapt your study practices to improve your grade.

Friday, November 12, 2004

He was a Terrorist! Just Stick Him in the Ground!

Ok...I'm tired of all the celebration over Arafat's life. He was a terrorist up to his death. End of story. Quit trying to make him sound like a benevolent, compassionate leader.

Yesterday was Veteran's Day. We had troops (and still do) fiercely fighting and dying in Iraq. Instead of lifting these guys up, as well as the veterans who made America the greatest country, the media spent the day gushing over Arafat. So many of them seemed forlorn over his passing...even noting that he didn't finish his life's work of spreading peace through the Middle East.

What a crock. Arafat's goal in life was the eradication of Israel. He failed. He died a terrorist and a failure. What a legacy!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Veteran's Day...Celebrate It!

I humbly offer my heartfelt "thank you!" to all the veterans out there. Where would we be if it weren't for you brave men and women? What language would we be speaking? What restrictions would we have on our freedoms? Wow. Something to ponder.

Boortz said it best today:
We don't owe our freedoms to the ACLU or to the politicians who infest the halls of congress. We owe our freedoms to the men and woman who have been ready and willing to stand before a tyrant who threatens us and say "Not this time. Not while I'm here."

And to you guys and gals slugging it out in the desert or standing guard elsewhere in the world, you make us proud!

Thank you for keeping my wife and daughter safe.

The Santorum Squeeze

I'm feeling a little bit sorry for Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) today. If he supports fellow PA Senator Arlen Specter for Judiciary Committee Chair, he angers a huge chunk of his voting base - possibly costing him re-election. If he doesn't support Specter, and Specter fails to win the Judiciary Committee Chair, Angry Arlen will work to punish and sabotoge Santorum. If Santorum doesn't support Specter, and Specter manages to get the chair, Angry Arlen will make it his mission in life to punish, sabotoge, and destroy Santorum.

I should be feeling very sorry for Santorum right now...but I'm not. The big problem with all of this is that he did it to himself. When Specter was in a tough primary battle against conservative Pat Toomey, Santorum decided to back Specter. He should have taken the high road and stayed neutral during the race. Toomey would have won and another senator would have gotten the chair. Santorum would have super-energized his base by helping another strong conservative win a senate seat in PA. Ultimately, the base would have been so energized, PA might have gone to Bush.

I'd hate to be in your shoes now, Mr. Senator. My advice is to stay true to your principles. If you do that, we'll stay true to you.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Talk About a Screwed-Up View!

From the Opinion Journal:

The Angry Left may finally be coming to understand how normal Americans felt after the Sept. 11 attacks. A poll on asks "Which is more depressing, 9/11/01 or 11/3/04?" The results at this writing: 9/11, 29%; 11/3, 71%. In the comments thread, "Big Blue Marble" writes: "I have lived 61 years, lost my parents and my sister plus many many pets and this is the darkest day of my life."

Wow. What else can one say about that? Only that I'm glad that my life is controlled by me...not who wins an election.

Friday, November 05, 2004

More Media Bias Exposed

In case you didn't realize the bias of the media, here's how the Kerry campaign kept the election running through the night. From NewsMax:

When the Fox News Channel called the state of Ohio for Bush a little after 12:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, NBC quickly followed.

But ABC, CBS and CNN held out for hours - in part because they had been pressured not to make the crucial call by Clinton operative-turned-Kerry adviser Howard Wolfson.

Florida had just been called for Bush, with Pennsylvania going for Kerry hours before. After Fox put Ohio's deciding vote in Bush's column, the Clintonistas who had taken over team Kerry knew it was time to deploy the shock troops.
At that point, according to the New York Times, Wolfson, who served in 2000 as Hillary Clinton's press secretary, "burst into the 'boiler room' in Washington where the brain trust was huddled and said, 'we have 30 seconds' to stop the other networks from following suit."

Kerry pollster Mark Mellman and campaign organizer Michael Whouley started burning up the phone lines to ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC.

Only the Peacock network refused. "Then Mr. Wolfson banged out a simple, two-line statement expressing confidence that Mr. Kerry would win Ohio once the remaining ballots were counted," the Times said.

The message was issued under campaign manager Mary Beth Cahill's name shortly after 1 a.m.:

"The vote count in Ohio has not been completed. There are more than 250,000 votes that remain to be counted. We believe when they are, John Kerry will win Ohio."

The old Clinton war room tactic succeeded. ABC, CBS and CNN held their Ohio call till it was clear Kerry himself was prepared to concede.

It was blatently obvious when they refrained from calling any other state for Bush for the rest of the night, too. Anything to keep Bush from 270 votes.

Please raise your hand if you are surprised. Now slap yourself with that hand.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Another Terrorist Gone?

Yassir Arafat died today. Then he came back to life! What a guy!

Seems that YA went into a coma, then reports were that he died, then docs denied the report.

Once he kicks the bucket, perhaps the Middle East will find some peace. It depends on the about a power vacuum! Perhaps he did die and they are covering it up for now. Can you imagine the instant turmoil within the Palastinian Authority?

Odd that he chose to be hospitalized in France. So much for the "man of the people" slogan.

Also odd that France embraced him. Wait...that's not odd at all!

Political Capital...and Using It

During Bush's press conference, he actually said, "I earned capital in the campaign...political capital...and now I intend to spend it."

After I picked my jaw up, I realized how refreshed I was at his honesty and boldness.

I can't wait to see the conservative agenda moved forward!

Specter Slap-Down

Time for us conservatives to make our first post-election move. We need to make sure Arlen Specter is kept away from the big chair of the Judiciary Committee.

Please take 2 minutes to contact Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN). Express your dismay of Specter's liberal voting record and recent statements about denying conservative judicial nominees.

Contact information:

Washington, D.C.:
Office of Senator Bill Frist
461 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
202-228-1264 (fax)

Office of Senator Bill Frist
28 White Bridge Road
Suite 211
Nashville, TN 37205
615-352-9985 (fax)

So...How Did He Do It?

Bush crushed Kerry by over 3.5 million votes. Yes, turnout was high, but where did Bush get all those extra votes? Some analysis from CNN shows how Bush did it:

Female vote: 48 percent, up 5 from 2000
Latino vote: 44 percent, up 9
Urban vote: 45 percent, up 10
Catholic vote: Bush over Kerry, up 5
Jewish vote: 25 percent, up 6

Regular churchgoer vote: Bush over Kerry by 22 percent
Moral values (as top issue) vote: Bush over Kerry by 62 percent
Terrorism (as top issue) vote: Bush over Kerry by similar numbers

What if the Dems chose Lieberman? He's a Jewish, anti-terrorism candidate with a history of standing up for moral principle. How many votes would he have siphoned off Bush?

As the democrats lick their wounds, do not expect them to ponder this. As we slowly creep away from the election, listen for more and more rabid democrats to proclaim that they didn't go far enough to the left. Al Sharpton is already on record that Kerry tried to be too moderate. 2008 is going to be a lot of fun....

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bush Wins!

Bush is beyond the magic number of 269. Kerry cannot garner enough provisional votes to overtake Bush's lead in Ohio. Stick a fork in it...this one's done.

How much analysis will the Kerry team require before they realize it, too? Is there an ounce of dignity in the man that will compell him to concede? Time will tell. Gore is still whining four years later....

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day 2004

Get out and vote! If you don't vote, you can't complain.

The differences couldn't be more clear.

One politician has been steadfast in his efforts against terrorism. The other one took a poll on how he should respond to the new bin Laden tape.

One wants to lower your taxes...permanently. The other one wants to raise your taxes and steer America more toward socialism.

One wants to keep teachers, parents, and students accountable for education. The other one wants to shelter the teacher's unions.

Where do you stand?

Monday, November 01, 2004

Bush in Western PA

Saw Bush this morning at the Post-Gazette Pavilion. Really cool rally. When Bush mentioned Specter, a loud chorus of boos rang out. It was pretty sweet.

Curt Shilling made a surprise appearance. That was a nice touch.

Local politicians were also on hand to lend their support (and court more voters).

I'm feeling pretty good about tomorrow. 12,000 Republicans came out to see the president...some getting there as early as 5:30am. I don't see Democrats that motivated.

And rain is in the forcast tomorrow.

Vote, folks. Please vote.

Our army meets at dawn.