Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A Generation of Losers

Radio host Jim Quinn tuned me into this thought: we now have raised a generation of Americans who don't know how to lose. In schools, we give "checks" and "check-plusses" instead of the trusty A-F scale. We don't let kids keep score during sporting events. We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Fast forward to 2004...boatloads of sheltered Americans cast listen to the nightly news for their only information about the world. They think the war in Iraq is a failure. They think that the economy is in the toilet. They think Bush is a bad man who will sell out America for some oil money.

They cast their votes against Bush and wake up to find out that Bush won. The losers have finally found out what it is like to lose in a passionate struggle. They are dejected and despondent. They think that one man has caused all the troubles of the world and now that man is going to be around for four more years.

Please. My life revolves around the actions of one person...me. Not the guy in the White House. Not my congressman. Not my senator. Me. About 25 years ago, I learned about competition. My T-ball team lost...every game. How humiliating! But, I stayed with baseball and my team won the championship a few years later.

If you don't win, stick with it. Fight it out. Work hard and be happy! Life is too short to cry over a political election. Kerry and his supporters got a big "F" on election day. You can cry to the teacher about the grade or adapt your study practices to improve your grade.

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