Friday, November 12, 2004

He was a Terrorist! Just Stick Him in the Ground!

Ok...I'm tired of all the celebration over Arafat's life. He was a terrorist up to his death. End of story. Quit trying to make him sound like a benevolent, compassionate leader.

Yesterday was Veteran's Day. We had troops (and still do) fiercely fighting and dying in Iraq. Instead of lifting these guys up, as well as the veterans who made America the greatest country, the media spent the day gushing over Arafat. So many of them seemed forlorn over his passing...even noting that he didn't finish his life's work of spreading peace through the Middle East.

What a crock. Arafat's goal in life was the eradication of Israel. He failed. He died a terrorist and a failure. What a legacy!

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