Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Rampant Unionism

I understand the historical significance of labor unions. I'm aware that some companies treat workers quite poorly. That said, I've also been a proponent of personal responsibility. If a company treats you poorly, go find another job.

So, as we move from job to job, we try to find situations that are better. We look to build up our resumes and show a clear career path. We look for that brass ring and we strive to grasp it.

Well, most of us do.

There are those in America who do not have the drive and determination to strive for the best. They choose to languish in a job and focus their energies in making that job fit them for their entire working life.

Today, two stories in the news show these people. The first reports on efforts of pizza delivery drivers fighting to unionize. Isn't that a temporary, entry-level job? Why would you unionize unless it were a lifelong profession? If the pay stinks, aim higher!

The second news story reveals the plight of Pennsylvania Turnpike employees. It seems that making upwards of $21 per hour and having 100% of their benifits paid isn't enough to cover the effort required to collect tickets and make change. So, they went on strike. The driving force of America has to deal with congested toll booths so this union can complain about how unfair their working conditions are.

Do we need pizza delivery drivers? Absolutely. Do we need toll takers? Well, I'd prefer that the "temporary" tolls would finally disappear. In the meantime, we do need the workers. But these jobs are entry-level jobs. People should strive to do better.

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