Thursday, November 04, 2004

So...How Did He Do It?

Bush crushed Kerry by over 3.5 million votes. Yes, turnout was high, but where did Bush get all those extra votes? Some analysis from CNN shows how Bush did it:

Female vote: 48 percent, up 5 from 2000
Latino vote: 44 percent, up 9
Urban vote: 45 percent, up 10
Catholic vote: Bush over Kerry, up 5
Jewish vote: 25 percent, up 6

Regular churchgoer vote: Bush over Kerry by 22 percent
Moral values (as top issue) vote: Bush over Kerry by 62 percent
Terrorism (as top issue) vote: Bush over Kerry by similar numbers

What if the Dems chose Lieberman? He's a Jewish, anti-terrorism candidate with a history of standing up for moral principle. How many votes would he have siphoned off Bush?

As the democrats lick their wounds, do not expect them to ponder this. As we slowly creep away from the election, listen for more and more rabid democrats to proclaim that they didn't go far enough to the left. Al Sharpton is already on record that Kerry tried to be too moderate. 2008 is going to be a lot of fun....


Michael said...

yes, the numbers are crazy. he won the popular vote and the electoral vote. he received the greatest number of total votes in history. he is the first president to receive over 50% of the vote in 12 years. clinton never got more than 44%. everyone keeps talking about the divided country we have, but this is the biggest voter support for a president in a long time implying that we are less divided than we have been in recent history.

spookaroo said...

Everyone wants to know how Bush did it. I'm a Texan. Maybe I can add a tad of insight. He wasn't afraid to make a decision (Iraq) and stand behind that decision despite the tons of criticism. Imagine if someone like Clinton had been in office when Sept. 11th happened. In his White House Clinton tossed a few shots (and missed...) Saddam's way. A token reprimand but with no real heart. Bush isn't a glamor figure who can jazz up a sax, but he didn't back down when terrorism struck. My Canadian email buddy has gone on and on and on about Bush finding no WMD and how he lied and used 9-11 as an excuse to do something he wanted to do all along (invade Iraq--go for the oil) but it's my belief terrorism was the REASON we are in Iraq and Afghanistan. A lot of people don't like Bush for a lot of reasons, but I think they voted for him because they knew we needed leadership that would make a sincere effort to create better American defences and wasn't afraid to go halfway around the world to do it. And yes, I have a son in the military; he's currently serving in Mosul, Iraq.