Monday, December 27, 2004

Most Politicians are Regular Guys, Too

It drives me crazy when people say that all politicians are the same. Sure, there are crooked ones out there...and there are the moderates who can't find an answer unless they consult a poll, but most are not the same. Most have very real beliefs and they are very different from those on the other side of the aisle.

Enough of the mini-rant. Anyways, the point of this post is that it's cool to see that politicians are regular guys, too.

My friend and I were hitting the local stores on Christmas Eve - along with the other guys in town - and I ran into State Rep Dick Stevenson (R-PA) and Grove City Borough Council President George Pokrant. Nice to see those guys running around getting the last bit of shopping in before the Big Day...just like regular guys. Cool.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Terrorists Getting Help from Bush-Haters

This just in from Neal Boortz:

Let's cut to the chase. How do you think things would be going in Iraq right now if there was unity in the United States? What do you think the situation would be in Iraq today if the American left had adopted the attitude that "Well, we're in this. So let's get the job done."? Would American soldiers that have died be alive today if the left in this country had not done so much to discredit Bush and virtually everything he's done in Iraq? How many insurgents would have stayed with their goats in Syria and Iran if they had believed that the United States was of one voice when it came to establishing a democratically elected government in Iraq?

Here's what I'm saying ... in more concise terms. The obsessive compulsive Bush haters in America have been giving aid and comfort to the Islamic terrorists and insurgents who want to make Iraq a theocratic Islamic state run by a group cloned from the Taliban. The encouragement these Islamic goons derive from the bleatings of the left in this country might be your most prominent cause for the level of insurgency that exists in Iraq today.

I don't think there's anything I can add.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Nuclear Option for Senate Judicial Votes?

Some interesting reading from Robert Novak's column:
WASHINGTON -- A scenario for an unspecified day in 2005: One of President Bush's judicial nominations is brought to the Senate floor. Majority Leader Bill Frist makes a point of order that only a simple majority is needed for confirmation. The point is upheld by the presiding officer, Vice President Dick Cheney. Democratic Leader Harry Reid challenges the ruling. Frist moves to table Reid's motion, ending debate. The motion is tabled, and the Senate proceeds to confirm the judicial nominee -- all in about 10 minutes.
Frist drew a line in the sand Nov. 11 in addressing the conservative Federalist Society: "One way or another, the filibuster of judicial nominees must end." The way he indicated was a rules change -- the nuclear option.

That generated speculation that, when the new Senate convenes on Jan. 4, the Republican leadership will propose a rules change. Reid, the Senate's reigning master of parliamentary tactics, has promised to "screw things up" by bringing the chamber's activities to a standstill. Frist would only tell me he wants "a full set of options, ready and available." However, Senate sources believe Frist will bide his time on opening day and wait to make a point of order to change the rules.

Could we be nearing the end of the "filibuster" tactic that the Dems invented? It would be nice to see the GOP with some courage in 2005. We need conservative judges in America...badly.

Transit and Taxes...Dems Knife PA Again

Like carving up a Christmas ham, the Dems have the knives out again and they are pointed at the backs of PA residents.

The Pittsburgh and Philly transit authorities are short of cash again. They are among the highest paid bus drivers in the nation, but carry far less passengers than others. When times get tight, they always raise rates on their loyal customers and cut routes (unlike private companies that lower rates and improve service to attract consumers).

It's time to whine about the lack of money...again. So, Governor Ed Rendell bails out transit with $18.8 million wrestled from the rest of Pennsylvania. If that wasn't insulting enough, Rendell has requested the legislature return from winter recess a week early to spend a special session fixing transit. And you know what happens when politicians "fix" something....

Rendell is calling for a $110 million repair of transit. The money will come from increased taxes on vehicle users. That's pretty much everyone over 16. Among Rendell's targets: fees for requests for driving records and taxes on new tires. Get ready for new gas taxes, too.

We already pay taxes on tires. Taxes when we buy them and taxes when we dispose of them. How many more taxes do we need?

Here's a tip: buy online. I have purchase nearly all of my tires online lately from Discount Tire Direct over in Ohio...highly recommended (as opposed to the bums at Tire Rack). Avoid all of the taxes! Give your old tires away. There are always people looking for used tires since new ones are so expensive!

And while you are at it, tell your state representative that you are opposed to new taxes and a bailout of transit. Privatize transit!

Top Ten News Stories of 2004

This news story from NewsMax frosts me. See if you can figure out why.

Here are 2004's top 10 stories, as voted by AP members:


Yes, it is frustrating that Abu Ghraib is so high on the list, especially since the story's longevity was artificially produced.

Yes, it is frustrating that the mass killing of Russian school children is so low on the list, especially since it was done by the same muslim terrorists who kill Americans. Doesn't quite sound like a seizure - more like a massacre.

The most frustrating part of the list is that the death of terrorist Yassir Arafat is higher on the list than the death of American president and world hero Ronald Reagan. One man dedicated his life to ending life by killing innocents. The other man fought for freedom and rescued millions from tyranny. Arafat pledged his life to the destruction of Jews. Reagan pledged his life to ending the death grip of communism.

Even gay marriage was more important to the AP than Reagan's death. Grrrr!

But, why am I surprised? The list was voted upon and compiled by the Associated Press. It would be interesting to see the list compiled by conservative news reporters.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Hillary in 2008? Not worth discussing...

She may be the Dems' Anointed One, but that doesn't mean she'll go anywhere. No matter what any poll reports, it comes down to one major question: Would any red state convert to blue for Hillary?

By the time she makes it through a tough primary and general election campaign, she'll be damaged goods. Most of the scandals and tribulations in the first Clinton term were her doing...Travelgate, Filegate, Hillary Care, and of course, the Bimbo Eruption Squad. Don't forget about the Whitewater mess.

Many Dem pundits are drooling that women will turn out en masse to vote for Hillary. On one hand, we are told by Dems how women are independent thinkers and worthy of equal treatment. Now the Dems are telling us that women will vote in waves for Hillary just because she's a she? Millions of women made the right choice in 2004...are they going to turn on their principles simply for sisterhood? Not likely.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Government is not the Source of Jobs

Liberals and feel-good moderates always worry about the impact a budget has on goverment workers. Fortunately, there are logical people in the society who realize that gov't employees are public servants and subject to the gov't living within the confines of the budget.

If I decide I want a pay raise, I have to take many steps to legally make that happen. I work harder and create more wealth. If gov't wants more money, they confiscate more from the public with the full force of law enforcement.

Many towns and counties are raising taxes to fund their plans instead of living within their budgets. If I can't live within my budget, I have to cut back or work harder. It's about time the gov't does the same thing.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Can the Democrats Supports the Troops Just Once?

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was in Kuwait talking to the tropps. During a Q&A session, some GIs asked about the stop-loss program and about the limited supply of vehicle armor.

Rummy responded to the armor question by saying, "not every vehicle has the degree of armor that it would be desirable for it to have. As you know, you go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you might want or wish to have at a later time. If you think about it, you can have all the armor in the world on a tank and a tank can be blown up. And you can have an up-armored Humvee and it can be blown up."

Bitter partisan Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) wrote a letter to the secretary, "Your response -- 'You go to war with the Army you have' -- is utterly unacceptable."

What would this country have done in WWII with this kind of thinking? Japan decimated our Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. Would Sen. Dodd suggest then that we should rebuild the entire fleet before retaliating? When we lost thousands of men on the fields of France and Germany, would Sen. Dodd insist on stopping the war until replacements are found or created?

Would he suggest holding off the War on Terror until we rebuild the military to Regan-era levels...before Clinton and the Congressional Dems gutted it?

Would have it been so hard for Dodd to say, "if our troops are low on armor, I'll introduce legislation today to secure funding for our brave troops"?

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Why the Mainstream Media is now the Old Media

Not that this subject has been beaten enough...but that old horse keeps coming back for more.

CBS and 60 Minutes will feature the 5000+ military men and women who have gone AWOL to avoid going to Iraq. Instead of focusing on the quarter-million heros who have freed millions, rebuilt schools and hospitals, and given women rights that they would never have seen, CBS chooses to demoralize the nation and the fighting men and women of the armed forces.

In a small-town story, the mayor of Erie, Pa is in hot water because of an illegal land purchase. Seems he was part of a group that bought land for gambling, which causes a huge conflict of interest. Anyways, the Erie Times online article never mentioned his political affiliation (clue). In all of the linked stories about the land purchase, his affiliation is also kept secret. After a few minutes of searching and the use of Yahoo, it turns out the mayor is a Democrat. If the tables were turned, the headlines would have blared, "Republican Mayor Indicted for Felonies." Be honest with know they would.

Amnesty International: Another Hate Group

The USA-hating Amnesty International is in the news again. They have a new report about how women and children bear the brunt of war. Nevermind that the fighters (aggressors and defenders) are the ones killed by the thousands....

The report goes on to bash the US War on Terror by saying that there has been little improvement for the women of Afghanistan. Perhaps freedom is not a valued currency with AI. The Afghani women are no longer brutalized by the Taliban. They no longer have to wear those dreadful burkas. They are able to get an education, to become doctors and teachers, and they are able to vote.

But AI can't seem to find that as overwhelming good news.

The terrorists bear the brunt of the US War on Terror. Just ask them. Oh, can't...they're dead. Good riddance.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Characteristics of Bush

Activist. Outsider. Press-basher. Surpriser. Visionary.

An excellent read from Fred Barnes helps you further understand just who George W. Bush really is.

Lots of insight in a short article...kind of like getting answers to traits that on which you have been struggling to put your thumb.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Lessons from Pearl Harbor

Has there ever been a better article about history repeating itself than the comparison of WWII and the War on Terror? Oliver North gets into several of the details that most of us would never have known.

Reviewing Election Theory...One Month Out

I was pondering a few things before the elction, but I wanted to see how they played out before I shared them. We're now a month out, so let's review.

The first is that the Old Media would be eclipsed by the New Media. Sure enough, Fox News scored higher ratings than any news organization - a news first. Bloggers brought down the fraudulent Dan Rather. Internet campaigning was massive - on both sides of the isle.

Second, California is no longer the jewel in the electoral crown. The shine is gone. The tarnish is now a stain. For two elections in a row, the Golden State has been on the losing end of presidential politics. Karl Rove has shown that a candidate can win comfortably without courting the loonies on the left coast.

Third, the myth of the country being dividied 50-50 has been debunked. An editor for Newsweek stated that liberal media bias will give Kerry an extra 15% on election day. Can you imagine how much more Bush would have destroyed Kerry if the Old Media decided to become non-partisan? 75% of pre-election Bush stories were negative. Only 25% of Kerry stories were negative.

Forth, debates will no longer be simply scored, but divided between who won for style and who won for substance. This was first evident in the famous Nixon-Kennedy debate, but it has become a mainstay. All three debates had liberal commentators breathlessly reporting how good Kerry looked. When people were quizzed over substance, Bush trounced Kerry - every time.

Fifth, large turnout doesn't favor a particular party. How many times did the pundits say that large turnout was bad news for Bush? It turns out that turnout efforts for both sides were massive. And Bush's grassroots teams simply turned out more people to the polls.

Finally, media bias has caused more division that politicians ever could. Ever hear a friend or co-worker say, "all politicians are the same"? Well, that saying wasn't that prevolent this year. The media offered us Saint Kerry or George "Spawn of Satan" Bush. And a lot of people bought it. Despite the roaring economy (which the Old Media never mentioned) and the tremendous successes in the War on Terror (again, never mentioned by the OM), there were a lot of people who actually thought the world would break down into chaos if Bush were around one more day. Rediculous to think that one man has that much power.