Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Amnesty International: Another Hate Group

The USA-hating Amnesty International is in the news again. They have a new report about how women and children bear the brunt of war. Nevermind that the fighters (aggressors and defenders) are the ones killed by the thousands....

The report goes on to bash the US War on Terror by saying that there has been little improvement for the women of Afghanistan. Perhaps freedom is not a valued currency with AI. The Afghani women are no longer brutalized by the Taliban. They no longer have to wear those dreadful burkas. They are able to get an education, to become doctors and teachers, and they are able to vote.

But AI can't seem to find that as overwhelming good news.

The terrorists bear the brunt of the US War on Terror. Just ask them. Oh, can't...they're dead. Good riddance.

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