Monday, December 20, 2004

Hillary in 2008? Not worth discussing...

She may be the Dems' Anointed One, but that doesn't mean she'll go anywhere. No matter what any poll reports, it comes down to one major question: Would any red state convert to blue for Hillary?

By the time she makes it through a tough primary and general election campaign, she'll be damaged goods. Most of the scandals and tribulations in the first Clinton term were her doing...Travelgate, Filegate, Hillary Care, and of course, the Bimbo Eruption Squad. Don't forget about the Whitewater mess.

Many Dem pundits are drooling that women will turn out en masse to vote for Hillary. On one hand, we are told by Dems how women are independent thinkers and worthy of equal treatment. Now the Dems are telling us that women will vote in waves for Hillary just because she's a she? Millions of women made the right choice in 2004...are they going to turn on their principles simply for sisterhood? Not likely.

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