Thursday, December 23, 2004

Terrorists Getting Help from Bush-Haters

This just in from Neal Boortz:

Let's cut to the chase. How do you think things would be going in Iraq right now if there was unity in the United States? What do you think the situation would be in Iraq today if the American left had adopted the attitude that "Well, we're in this. So let's get the job done."? Would American soldiers that have died be alive today if the left in this country had not done so much to discredit Bush and virtually everything he's done in Iraq? How many insurgents would have stayed with their goats in Syria and Iran if they had believed that the United States was of one voice when it came to establishing a democratically elected government in Iraq?

Here's what I'm saying ... in more concise terms. The obsessive compulsive Bush haters in America have been giving aid and comfort to the Islamic terrorists and insurgents who want to make Iraq a theocratic Islamic state run by a group cloned from the Taliban. The encouragement these Islamic goons derive from the bleatings of the left in this country might be your most prominent cause for the level of insurgency that exists in Iraq today.

I don't think there's anything I can add.

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