Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Transit and Taxes...Dems Knife PA Again

Like carving up a Christmas ham, the Dems have the knives out again and they are pointed at the backs of PA residents.

The Pittsburgh and Philly transit authorities are short of cash again. They are among the highest paid bus drivers in the nation, but carry far less passengers than others. When times get tight, they always raise rates on their loyal customers and cut routes (unlike private companies that lower rates and improve service to attract consumers).

It's time to whine about the lack of money...again. So, Governor Ed Rendell bails out transit with $18.8 million wrestled from the rest of Pennsylvania. If that wasn't insulting enough, Rendell has requested the legislature return from winter recess a week early to spend a special session fixing transit. And you know what happens when politicians "fix" something....

Rendell is calling for a $110 million repair of transit. The money will come from increased taxes on vehicle users. That's pretty much everyone over 16. Among Rendell's targets: fees for requests for driving records and taxes on new tires. Get ready for new gas taxes, too.

We already pay taxes on tires. Taxes when we buy them and taxes when we dispose of them. How many more taxes do we need?

Here's a tip: buy online. I have purchase nearly all of my tires online lately from Discount Tire Direct over in Ohio...highly recommended (as opposed to the bums at Tire Rack). Avoid all of the taxes! Give your old tires away. There are always people looking for used tires since new ones are so expensive!

And while you are at it, tell your state representative that you are opposed to new taxes and a bailout of transit. Privatize transit!

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