Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Why the Mainstream Media is now the Old Media

Not that this subject has been beaten enough...but that old horse keeps coming back for more.

CBS and 60 Minutes will feature the 5000+ military men and women who have gone AWOL to avoid going to Iraq. Instead of focusing on the quarter-million heros who have freed millions, rebuilt schools and hospitals, and given women rights that they would never have seen, CBS chooses to demoralize the nation and the fighting men and women of the armed forces.

In a small-town story, the mayor of Erie, Pa is in hot water because of an illegal land purchase. Seems he was part of a group that bought land for gambling, which causes a huge conflict of interest. Anyways, the Erie Times online article never mentioned his political affiliation (clue). In all of the linked stories about the land purchase, his affiliation is also kept secret. After a few minutes of searching and the use of Yahoo, it turns out the mayor is a Democrat. If the tables were turned, the headlines would have blared, "Republican Mayor Indicted for Felonies." Be honest with know they would.

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