Thursday, January 20, 2005

Michael Newdow, the Athiest Phony

Newdow doesn't want to hear a prayer at President Bush's inauguration. It seems a prayer would force him to accept a religion. Thankfully, Newdow has been shut down everywhere he turns, but I have yet to hear anyone ask a very important question:

Why does the prayer at the 2nd inauguration have special powers to change Newdow?

What about the 1st inauguration? What about every inauguration this guy has heard all his life? What about the State of the Union speeches, press conferences, and national addresses when the President ends by saying, "God bless America?"

It's obvious that Newdow is a fraud. A fake. A phony. He clearly hates Bush and wants to give Bush any black eye possible. Give it up, Newdow. Become an adult and learn to live within the country as a productive citizen. It's Bush's day. Bush and his supporters (and many of his opponents) want the prayer.

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Disintegrator said...


It seems that you and I look at Mike Newdow in much the same way. I've got my own theory about Newdow's challenge to the inaugural prayer at:

I'd be interested to know what you think.

I like your blog. Keep at it!