Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Wading into Political Waters

Today, I spoke with Molly, a pro-GOP friend and asked if she is interested in politics more than just as a casual observer. Her reply was interesting:

I guess I just get so frustrated at all the BS going on around it, that I just don't want to get involved.

Well, the more you get involved, the more you realize there isn't a lot of seems that way from a distance, but things are usually clearcut when you get close. There are obvious differences between political parties. Sure, there are those who cannot make up their minds without taking a poll (read: moderates), but most politicians are like night and day.

The lesson: come on in - the water is fine! If you have a desire to see things changed for the better, get involved. There are lots of political offices that go unfilled. There are lots of politicians that go unchallenged. Make a difference by being the difference. If you don't want to run for office, find a politician that you like and help him/her continue winning and pushing a conservative agenda.

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