Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Baby, You can Track My Car...

The government wants to start taxing people by the amount of miles they drive. They want to install a GPS unit into autos, which will communicate with the gas pumps, which will assign you your very own mileage tax.

Why? Obviously, politicians love finding new ways to get their hands on your money. And in that spirit, it seems the push to buy hybrid cars has backfired on the government. Saving the environment means using less gas. Using less gas means paying less gas taxes. Get the picture?

Leave it to a conservative to save the day: maybe the government can cut waste to "recover" the lost gas taxes? Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

Nonetheless, the environmentalists and socialists have tried to find a way to justify the big brother tax.

One argument:

A big SUV would put more wear/tear on the public roads than a compact hybrid.
Myth alert! Myth alert! Bigger doesn't mean more damage. It's all based on pounds per square inch. Yes, SUVs weigh more, but they have bigger tires, and thus a bigger footprint. Hybrids weigh less, but have cookie-cutter tires, thus a smaller footprint. Do the math, and you can bet the PSI is very similar.

Another argument:

Those who drive SUVs are rich, so they can afford the tax. They should be taxed more.
If people wanna tax "the winners" in life, the tax-per-mile system wouldn't do it. Think of all the contractors and other folks who drive job to job each day. Or the guy who has to drive an hour to find a meaningful job. That's gonna hurt the wallet.

Plus, do you want the government to know your location at all times every day? Or the speed you are driving? Can automatic ticketing be far off?

Basically put, some use the roads more than others. Everyone pays taxes to cover infrastructure to keep the area attractive to growth. And those who drive very little still use the same roads. Citizens also pay school taxes, even though some have no children in public schools. But they pay the taxes for the betterment of the community.

Big brother, where art thou? Not in my wallet....


mdmhvonpa said...

Heh ... I just posted about this yesterday. This is going on in California right now but can you imagine the devistation this would cause on interstate trucking!? What about taxi service? UPS? This insanity will meet a gorey end if the world is sane.

AlaskaMechanical said...

Talk about redundant. We already are paying plenty in gas taxes. Which boils right doewn to how much we drive and what kind of milage we get. Next thing you know you'll be taxed on how much you paid in taxes and taxes will be withheld from your tax return!

Want to cut some waste? Why do the residential postal trucks still use gasoline engines? What could be a better use for electricity? They have a limited route: no worries about running out of power. They go back to the garage every night: charge 'em up boys! Also throw in the fact that I doubt the need a monsterous top speed and that they are already designed for cargo! (Battery placement) Wake up world!

stealthgop said...

This is actually a way to get hybrid owners to pay more (or at least more of a percentage) as compared to the straight gas tax. Hybrids/economy cars get better milage, buy less gas, pay less gas tax than an SUV owner who drives a similar number of miles. This system will shift things "regressively" to economy car owners.