Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Burying your Head in the Swamp

Grove City, PA has a small airport. Years ago, the facilitators dug a large ditch near a runway. The current facilitators want to fill in that ditch so they can build new hangars. Sounds simple, right?

Wrong. Enter in the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The government bureaucracy has determined that the man-made ditch is a wetland. The DEP has declared that the ditch cannot be touched.

The airport has been losing a small amount of money each year. Plane owners want hangars and would gladly pay rental to store the planes indoors. Instead, they will take their planes elsewhere, and the facilitators will have to soak up the debt.

The borough wants the airport facilitators to renew their 10-year agreement, but there is no guarantee that the DEP will allow them to build the new hangars. Obviously, the facilitators are hesitant to sign up for 10 years of debt.

Government once again trumping free enterprise. Is anyone surprised?

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mdmhvonpa said...

Time for an oil spill ... and a match.