Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Swann and Political Inexperience

So what? It is tiring to hear about candidates not being suited for office because of political inexperience. If someone has a desire to make a difference - and they have the ideas to make a difference - then they are elligible to run for office. We complain about insiders always calling the shots and running the show, yet we then complain about rookies willing to put their lives on hold to affect change in the political system. Where do you stand?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was "just an actor" in the eyes of Dems and wishy-washy GOPers. Truth is, Arnold is a tremendously successful businessman. Despite the frenzied attacks from the left, California - the most populated state in the Union - put the political rookie in charge. As we approach the 2006 elections, the CA GOP already gave Arnold the nod. Can you even name a Democratic opponent?

Lynn Swann wants to run for governor of Pennsylvania. Dems say that he's "just a football player" and doesn't know a thing about running for office. Again, just like Arnold, Swann is a successful businessman. He's a political rookie and he's already giving the Dems a fit of deja vous.

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