Thursday, March 24, 2005

Attention Terrorists: Schools are Gun-Free Zones!

Terrorists know it and Jeff Weise knew it. Schools in this country are designated as gun-free zones. We obviously don't want kids showing up with guns, so the "feel-good" crowd bans them altogether. Teachers cannot carry. Guards cannot carry, except in the most extreme cases.

Red Lake High School in Minnesota found out the hard way that anti-gun laws are miserable failures. Weise walked into the school and the first person killed was an unarmed security guard. The guard didn't even have protective clothing.

One would think that after the rash of school shootings in the late 1990s and early 2000s that schools would want more protection. Unfortunately, the PC crowd thinks a guard at a desk and a metal detector is sufficient to stop a lunatic out to kill.

How soon before terrorists hit our schools? They've already done it in Belsan, Russia.

Additional: Notice how the media is already burying the story about the shooting.... Are the media elitists biased against Native American victims? Columbine's white students were on the front page for days. Have you wondered why Weise is being called a "gunman" even though he is only 16? If he didn't kill himself, he wouldn't have been elligible for the death penalty. Have you heard that Weise frequented a neo-Nazi web site? Perhaps, but did you hear that he was interested in liberal/socialist environmental eco-terrorism?

Then again, you probably haven't heard about the unarmed guards, either.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Do the Libs Love or Hate Life?

It's hard to say.... They fight to:

- abort millions of babies
- save the terrorists at Gitmo
- ensure Saddam Hussein is treated well
- end the humiliation of Abu Ghraib prisioners
- allow the 9/11 victims to be called "little Eichmanns"
- end the life of Terri Schiavo

Where are the human rights groups? Where's the National Organization for Women?

It is hard for the Dems to err on the side of life when the culture of death funds their political efforts.

They also complain about states' rights being violated by Congress' acts to save Schiavo. Truth be told, the action doesn't explicitly save Schiavo. The action simply allows her case to be reviewed by a federal judge.

Death row inmates have that right...why not Terri Schiavo?

Ironically, the same Dems complaining about the abuse of states' rights are the same ones who trample states' rights when it comes to:
- Taxation
- Gun control/gun ownership rights
- Socialized medicine
- Abortion
- The zillion other items of governmental control

Any questions? You should have plenty by now....

Friday, March 18, 2005

Pelosi Lets the Cat Out of the Bag

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had this to say about President Bush's Social Security reform plan...and why the Dems haven't put forward a plan:
Our plan stop him. He must be stopped.
Sounds familiar? Seems like "the plan" that has been in practice for the last four years.

Finally, they had the courage (or ignorance) to say it! Too bad you won't hear that quote out of the Old Media...

Why not work with Bush instead? After all, Pelosi is the Dem leader in the house. This is truly a pathetic message - and it directly contradicts their continual statements about seeking bipartisanship.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Selective Technology Application Syndrome

Why is it that environmentalists believe we have the technology to build "green" cars and formulate 50+ blends of gasoline, but we lack the technology to:

- build and safely operate new refineries
- build and safely operate nuclear power plants
- drill safely in ANWR, the Gulf of Mexico, off the California coast, etc.
- dig for coal
- selectively harvest trees

More importantly, why do the envoronmentalists think they know what is best for us and why do they refuse to let the free market work?

Oh, yeah...they are socialists!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Loophole is not a Noose

An interesting quote from Jim Quinn:

A loophole is a place where you still have freedom and liberty from government.
Think about that for a moment. Tax loopholes. Gun show loopholes. All ways to escape the ever-tightening grasp of the government.

As tax season turns the fellow man into a grumbling tempest, be sure to take the time to explain why we pay so much in taxes...and which party usually has its hand in our wallets.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Celebrity Worship vs. Political Activism

Why do people care so much about celebrities who don't care about them? Why don't people care more about politicians who can actually affect their lives?

Hat tip to Neal Boortz:
In the meantime ... the politicians smile. They know that as long as the American people are focused on Martha Stewart, or Kobe Bryant, or Michael Jackson, or Robert Blake, or any of the other big-deal celebrities in the news you are not focused on what they, they politicians, are doing to increase their power, to strengthen their control over your lives, and to destroy our Republic.

Wake up, people. Get involved. Know the issues.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Of Youth and Death

The US Supreme Court has once again hit common sense upside the head with a two-by-four. They ruled that if a person under the age of 18 kills someone, they cannot face the death penalty...ever. This affects scores of ruthless killers currently sitting on death row across the nation.

First of all, "youthful" 16 and 17 year-olds now know that they are safe from execution. Commit a crime, do some time, get out and live many more years.

Secondly, murder is a state issue. Why is the punishment a federal issue? (Hat tip to Jim Quinn.) The states (and the populace) should determine how they handle the viscious among them.

Thirdly, Justice Kennedy reached into international laws and treaties to determine what Americans should think. What happened to the US Constitution?

Finally, the age of 18 is an arbitrary number determined by society. A 16 year-old knows right from wrong. A 17 year-old knows right from wrong. According to this ruling, someone who is 17 years, 364 days old can kill and still be considered a child - unable to form thoughts of morality and culpability.

John Lee Malvo, Islamic Terrorist and DC sniper - safe from execution.
Columbine-style killers - safe from execution.

Yeah...that makes sense.