Friday, April 29, 2005

What is a Working Family?

I've heard it over and over by politicians, pundits, and special-interest groups. They all talk about relief for working families, tax breaks for working families, benefits for working families...

I know, I's code-speak for the ever-cherished middle-American vote. But, can we stop with the class warfare? If you are a burger-flipper, if you are a computer programmer, if you are a teacher, if you are a chief work!

The only people who do not work are children and those who sponge off the government. Many times, children do a lot more than the sponges!

Let's get this straight: it doesn't matter if there are people who are doing better than you. Who really cares? How does it affect you? I had a discussion with someone who didn't think rich people worked...they just sit there and earn money. Did you know the average CEO lasts five years? Where I work, they have had three presidents in four years. How rich do you think those guys are? They have unbelievable pressures put upon them and they have the risk of a shortened career span. Consider that before bashing "the rich." We need CEOs and we need janitors. We choose which one we want to be.

People with jobs work. People with jobs and a family are called working families. All people who work deserve tax breaks and relief from government oppression.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Earth Day?

If you love the Earth, every day should be Earth Day. We should always work to keep the environment clean...recycle, don't litter, etc.

That said, keep in mind the political forces behind Earth Day. They are the radical left. The communists who want to squash any remnants of capitalism. They hate growth, they hate wealth...they hate America. Earth Day was planned to coincide with Communist Day, the birthday of Lenin.

When you shed a tear while filling your gas tank or paying your heating bill, thank the radical environmentalists. They are the activists who lobby liberals in Congress to avoid any oil exploration, to deny the construction of any new refineries, and to require over fifty different blends of gasoline.

Time to drill. Time to build. Time to unleash American capitalism.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cracking Down on Environmental Terrorism

It's finally happening. Hat tip to Yahoo News (AP).

Enviro-terrorists are finally getting prosecuted - and harshly - for their crimes against society. These people hate America and our way of life. They hate capitalism and those who succeed. They vandalize and destroy symbols of wealth in their desire to "educate" people about the plight of the planet.

Like most liberal-socialist marxists, they are severely misguided. Their weapon of choice is arson. They burn SUVs, but in doing so create much more pollution than either will emit over their lifespans. They burn down condos and resorts, again polluting the atmosphere and forcing developers to use twice as many trees for the materials.

The culprits are usually young and college educated. They have been taught socialism throughout high school and college and have come to resent capitalism and representative democracy. Instead of being content with their lives, they seethe with jealousy over those who have worked hard to achieve. They were always taught that the rich are those who inherit or steal from others. And now they want their revenge.

It is sad to think that if economics and history were properly taught in our schools, none of this senseless alienation and violence would occur.

Act 72 - Making the Complex Simple

Pennsylvania school boards and politicians are currently scrambling to get their arms around Act 72. On a very basic level, Act 72 is a plan from Gov. Rendell that takes money from gaming and uses it to offset property taxes. Schools can opt out and keep the process currently in place.

People are scratching their heads wondering if their disctricts should say "yea" or "nay" to Act 72.

Here's the simplification: Act 72 is junk. It is based on gambling money - and there aren't any casinos in PA. Yes, that will eventually change, but some of the financial figures tossed about actually exceed the amount hauled in by Nevada. Are there that many gamers in PA?

The real rub comes in the moral aspect. Act 72 underhandedly states that gambling is needed to help keep property taxes low. If people don't gamble, taxes go up! On top of this, we are teaching children that gambling is a good thing. Students that see their school boards approve of gambling and get the message. Yes, kids are smart enough to understand the message between the lines. We would have the government telling us that it is our obligation to gamble...for the good of the children.

There are better ways to eliminate property taxes. Reject Act 72.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Tax Insanity

Another tax day has come and gone. Boortz has some great numbers:
Twenty-seven hours. That's the revised figure on just how long the average person in this country spends filling out their tax return this year. That's three working days. What do you make a day? Two hundred bucks? So, if your time is worth about $200 a day that would mean that you can add $600 to your tax bill ... $600 being just part of your cost of compliance with the Internal Revenue Code. Add to that any other expenses you incur for record keeping and tax management during the year ... and it adds up. What's the total nationwide cost? Try $500 billion, and that estimate might be low. But that's money. You can't really get a grip on $500 billion ... so let's try to put it in terms of people. It takes people to do the bookkeeping, maintain the records, and fill out the forms that are necessary for tax compliance on both the personal and business level. How many people? You'll be shocked to learn that tax compliance in the U.S. takes the combined work effort of about 2,700,000 people working eight-hour days five days a week just to make sure that individuals and corporations comply with out tax laws. What a hideous and unforgivable waste of human potential.
It also seems that the IRS will be outsourcing the job of collection. Hat tip to Fox News.

Our current system is such a collossal waste of time and money. How can you help? Get educated and informed about the Fair Tax! It's time for a change...and that time is now.

Friday, April 08, 2005

The Passing of a Great Leader

This morning, Vatican officials buried Pope John Paul II. The world has lost another great leader.

The 1980s brought about three world leaders that would shake the Earth to the core. In their own ways, they took on the evils of communism and destroyed it.

Ronald Reagan called the Iron Curtain "evil" and one-upped the Soviets every time he faced them. He built a bigger and better military and ran the USSR into the ground.

Margaret Thatcher was our strongest ally and was defiant in the face of Old Europe as she provided us much needed support. Her strong will made Soviets cower. The UK was stronger than ever - they survived WWII and the British Navy was proud and powerful.

John Paul was not just a religous leader. He was a Pole with a passion for the struggles of his homeland. He was very familiar with the destruction of Poland during WWII and refused to see it happen again. He spoke forcefully against the decay of Soviet communism. He shook the darkened soul of the USSR so much that the KGB tried to assassinate him.

Reagan fought the Soviets from the outside. John Paul fought them from the inside. Reagan taught the citizens to yearn for capitalistic freedom. John Paul taught the citizens to yearn for religous freedom.

No iron curtain can contain such power.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Sgt. Smith, American Hero

Forget about politicians and pundits and high-minded members of academia. Sgt. 1st Class Paul Ray Smith is a real hero. Today, President Bush will posthumously award the soldier with the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Fox News recalls the heroic efforts:
Soon after Smith and some of his platoon began work, records show, one trooper spotted dozens of armed Iraqis approaching from beyond the gated walls of the courtyard. Another group of Iraqis occupied a nearby tower.

Smith summoned a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, and he and his troops gathered near the courtyard gate to fight the counterattack. An M113 armored personnel carrier joined the fray.

The Iraqis, perhaps as many as 100, attacked with rifles, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades, or RPGs. Smith threw a grenade over a wall to drive back some of the Iraqis, then fired a rocket.

Incoming RPGs battered the Bradley, which retreated. Then a mortar struck the M113, wounding the three soldiers inside and leaving its heavy machine gun unmanned. After directing another soldier to pull the wounded M113 crewmen to safety, Smith climbed into the machine gun position and began firing at the tower and at the Iraqis trying to rush the compound.

His upper torso and head were exposed as he manned the gun.

"This wasn't a John Wayne move," said Command Sgt. Maj. Gary J. Coker, the top enlisted man in the 11th Battalion, who was near the battle. "He was very methodical. He knew he had the gate and he wasn't going to leave it and nobody was going to make him leave it."

Still, Coker said, "it was absolutely amazing to stand up in that volume of fire."

During a stretch of 15 minutes or longer, Smith fired more than 300 rounds as Pvt. Michael Seaman, protected inside the M113, passed him ammunition.

Then he was struck by enemy fire and mortally wounded. At almost the same time, 1st Sgt. Timothy Campbell ended the threat from the tower with a grenade, and the surviving Iraqis withdrew. Medics tried to save Smith, and he died about 30 minutes later.

He and his comrades are credited with killing between 20 and 50 Iraqi soldiers.

Beyond his position were American medics, scouts, a mortar unit and a command post — all lightly armed and vulnerable.

"Sgt. 1st Class Smith's actions saved the lives of at least 100 soldiers," according to an Army narrative.

God speed, Sgt. Smith. Your country is grateful and proud.

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