Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Act 72 - Making the Complex Simple

Pennsylvania school boards and politicians are currently scrambling to get their arms around Act 72. On a very basic level, Act 72 is a plan from Gov. Rendell that takes money from gaming and uses it to offset property taxes. Schools can opt out and keep the process currently in place.

People are scratching their heads wondering if their disctricts should say "yea" or "nay" to Act 72.

Here's the simplification: Act 72 is junk. It is based on gambling money - and there aren't any casinos in PA. Yes, that will eventually change, but some of the financial figures tossed about actually exceed the amount hauled in by Nevada. Are there that many gamers in PA?

The real rub comes in the moral aspect. Act 72 underhandedly states that gambling is needed to help keep property taxes low. If people don't gamble, taxes go up! On top of this, we are teaching children that gambling is a good thing. Students that see their school boards approve of gambling and get the message. Yes, kids are smart enough to understand the message between the lines. We would have the government telling us that it is our obligation to gamble...for the good of the children.

There are better ways to eliminate property taxes. Reject Act 72.

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