Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cracking Down on Environmental Terrorism

It's finally happening. Hat tip to Yahoo News (AP).

Enviro-terrorists are finally getting prosecuted - and harshly - for their crimes against society. These people hate America and our way of life. They hate capitalism and those who succeed. They vandalize and destroy symbols of wealth in their desire to "educate" people about the plight of the planet.

Like most liberal-socialist marxists, they are severely misguided. Their weapon of choice is arson. They burn SUVs, but in doing so create much more pollution than either will emit over their lifespans. They burn down condos and resorts, again polluting the atmosphere and forcing developers to use twice as many trees for the materials.

The culprits are usually young and college educated. They have been taught socialism throughout high school and college and have come to resent capitalism and representative democracy. Instead of being content with their lives, they seethe with jealousy over those who have worked hard to achieve. They were always taught that the rich are those who inherit or steal from others. And now they want their revenge.

It is sad to think that if economics and history were properly taught in our schools, none of this senseless alienation and violence would occur.

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