Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Earth Day?

If you love the Earth, every day should be Earth Day. We should always work to keep the environment clean...recycle, don't litter, etc.

That said, keep in mind the political forces behind Earth Day. They are the radical left. The communists who want to squash any remnants of capitalism. They hate growth, they hate wealth...they hate America. Earth Day was planned to coincide with Communist Day, the birthday of Lenin.

When you shed a tear while filling your gas tank or paying your heating bill, thank the radical environmentalists. They are the activists who lobby liberals in Congress to avoid any oil exploration, to deny the construction of any new refineries, and to require over fifty different blends of gasoline.

Time to drill. Time to build. Time to unleash American capitalism.


Bill Fitzpatrick said...

In honor of Earth day i litter frequently all throughout the day. i got the idea from my envirormental scince teacher

Jeanne Marie said...

I had a teacher who was a "real" environmentalist, and would always complain about the radical left groups. Did you know that in New York, they protested the killing of some canadian geese (in a non-painful way, and to be fed to the homeless for thanksgiving) WHEN their overpopulation was going to kill the entire population of species in the lake, as well as some on the land? (not to mention the mouths that would be fed) They need some brains up there.