Friday, April 08, 2005

The Passing of a Great Leader

This morning, Vatican officials buried Pope John Paul II. The world has lost another great leader.

The 1980s brought about three world leaders that would shake the Earth to the core. In their own ways, they took on the evils of communism and destroyed it.

Ronald Reagan called the Iron Curtain "evil" and one-upped the Soviets every time he faced them. He built a bigger and better military and ran the USSR into the ground.

Margaret Thatcher was our strongest ally and was defiant in the face of Old Europe as she provided us much needed support. Her strong will made Soviets cower. The UK was stronger than ever - they survived WWII and the British Navy was proud and powerful.

John Paul was not just a religous leader. He was a Pole with a passion for the struggles of his homeland. He was very familiar with the destruction of Poland during WWII and refused to see it happen again. He spoke forcefully against the decay of Soviet communism. He shook the darkened soul of the USSR so much that the KGB tried to assassinate him.

Reagan fought the Soviets from the outside. John Paul fought them from the inside. Reagan taught the citizens to yearn for capitalistic freedom. John Paul taught the citizens to yearn for religous freedom.

No iron curtain can contain such power.

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