Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Too Thin or Too Fat?

Ten years ago, then-President Clinton warned that the GOP school lunch budget would starve children.

Today, Clinton announced a 10-year plan to reduce childhood obesity.

Those darn bait-n-switch Republicans....

Is it really up to the government to tell parents how to feed their children? In the mind of a socialist-liberal, it is. Children simply can't control their own actions and parents simply don't know any better. They need the government to save them from themselves.

In reality, children do what they see adults doing. If they see you stuffing your face with chips, candy, pop, and fast food, then that must be the best way to eat. If they see you camped out on the couch, then they lose desire to get outside and exercise.

Every handful of months, we hear how the government is concidering a "fat tax" on those naughty-but-yummy foods. Now they have yet another weapon - childhood obesity. Parents should live by example and the government should stay out of our stomachs.

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