Friday, June 10, 2005

The Sham of Ending World Poverty

Lots of politicians and Hollywood-types are running around in a new effort to end world poverty. Sounds like a great, lofty, feel-good goal, but is it even possible?

1. All dictators would have to be forcibly removed. Poverty is a weapon that dictators use to keep the people down. As long as the dictators remain, there will always be poverty.

2. Poverty is a relative term. The cost of living in some locations is much lower than other places. Also, people who find contentment view poverty in a totally different way than those who always crave more.

3. Socialism and communism would have to be eliminated from the Earth. These economic plans teach people that they don't have to work hard because the government will seize someone else's money to take care of them.

4. People have to want to be "rich." It takes hard work. It takes a religious view of contentment. There are many humans who strive to be successful, but unfortunately, there are many who are simply lazy. Those people need incentive to work. Removing social programs that coddle will motivate the lazy.

In short, try to find feel-good politicians and Hollywood-types who are pro-military, pro-republic, pro-capitalism, pro-contentment, and pro-hard work...and then you can truly work toward ending poverty.

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