Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Show Rendell's Unions the Money!

The state assembly wants more money. Seems that they don't make enough money as it is (not to mention their boatload of perks). So far, there have been enough lawmakers with some humility to kill the self-approved raise.

Now Rendell is in on the act. He told lawmakers that he would approve their pay raise if - and it's a big if - they raise the state minimum wage. He wants to raise it a whopping $2 per hour above the federal level.

It's shameful, to say the least. It's a minimum wage for a reason. Those with no skills or ambition make minimum wage. And those people are few and far between. Most companies already pay above minimum to attract quality employees.

So why raise it? Simple. Many union contracts are tied to the minimum wage. Raise the wage, boost the union contracts. PA is already well known as a business-unfriendly state. Why would any legistator vote to allow this to happen?

Demand better.

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