Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tax Hikes are Contagious

The Grove City school board isn't the only fiscally irresponsible group in Mercer County. After the GC board upped property taxes, others are joining suit. According to The Herald (Sharon, PA), the following hikes have been approved:

- Sharon, up 2 mills
- Hermitage, up 1.75 mills
- Greenville, up 3 mills

Although this action is disgusting, how many residents will have the nerve to complain, but do nothing productive at election time?

How many residents sit on the couch and skip their duty to vote?

How many residents pull that Democrat lever over and over and expect change? The Shenango Valley is controlled by Dems. The residents should be jumping for joy over the tax increase. They voted for it over and over and over every time they keep putting the same party in office.

Democrat or not, there is still no excuse for not being able to live within your means. If the board can't make ends meet, they should work until they can - and that doesn't include the option of forcing citizens to pay more with the barrel of a government gun.

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