Wednesday, June 29, 2005

When Iraqis Stand Up, US Will Stand Down

President Bush hit a home run last night in his speech to the troops, the nation, and the world. We aren’t going to back down. We aren’t going to change tactics. We aren’t going to immediately withdraw our troops. Liberals and terrorists everywhere are wetting their beds.

An ABC radio news feed this morning said that during the speech, "Bush tried to link the War on Terror with the war in Iraq." Tried to link? What was this reporter thinking? To leftists, Iraq is just a diversion. A move of revenge on behalf of George H. W. Bush. A war for oil (love those low gas prices).

To the rest of the world, the war in Iraq is a war against terrorism. The same terrorism that fired upon our troops daily as we patrolled the UN-sanctioned no-fly zone. The same terrorism that trained Al Qaida troops south of Baghdad. The same terrorism that used chemical weapons on Iraqis and the neighboring countries.

Libs hate the fact that Bush did something instead of talking about it. They hide the truth about the successes in Iraq and how the citizens cheer our troops daily. Then they highlight the doom and gloom from the war and claim that Iraqis don’t want us there.

Bush threw that back in the libs’ faces last night. He talked about how we set goals and how we met them. He mentioned new goals and how we will get there. He said we’ll be there until the job is done. Bravo!

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