Thursday, July 28, 2005

Random Thoughts....

Jane Fonda is going on an anti-Iraq War tour. Has anyone told her that the war is over? Has she been glued to al-CNN for so long she thinks that all is lost? Does this woman ever do anything for the troops?

The Space Shuttle fleet has been grounded - again. Seems more foam came off the main tank. NASA put everything on hold until they can solve the problem. Here's the $2 solution: quit using the foam! It is only there to please the environmentalists. They need to keep the fuel cold, but enviros cried about the use of freon. Bring out the insulating foam! I'm sure the crew of the Columbia is greatful....

Extreme Extremists - are there any Supreme Court nominees that the dems would like? Even if Bush nominated Ted "My Car Has Killed More Than Your Gun" Kennedy, he'd be defeated because the dems just couldn't bear to give Bush a victory.

Extreme Extremists, Pt. 2 - why are we bogging down gitmo with trials? So, our tropps might have used a dog to scare prisoners...big, hairy deal. I bet the appeasers in London wish the terrorists used dogs on the subway. Someday, the US appeasers will understand - and when their loved one is killed by a homicide bomber in Manhattan, they'll still blame Bush.

Department of Redundency Department - why do people say "past history" or "very unique"?? History is the past. Unique things are one-of-a-kind, so they can't be very, really, kinda, quite unique. Also, you can't have a First Annual anything. It has to be the second occasion to be annual. Otherwise, it's inaugural.

Lance Armstrong is a superhero. You gotta love a Texan who embarrasses the French. The sickening part of the 2005 Tour de Lance was John Kerry showing up to hog some world media air time. What the heck was he doing there, anyway? Oh, yeah...the race is in France.

My Apologies for Slacking...but I had a good reason

I'm sorry for not blogging since the pay raise fiasco. My wife gave birth to our second child, a bouncing baby boy! He was 9lbs, 12.8oz and 21.25in long. Wahoo!

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To keep the story short, he had some breathing problems and had to be sent via LifeFlight to one of the Pittsburgh area hospitals.

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After a nine-day stay, he was released and is now doing very well at home.

My wife is doing very well, and our daughter is adjusting to the change quite nicely.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

They Taxed, and Now They Spend...on Themselves

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In the dark of night, when thieves come to steal and destroy, the PA legislature voted to increase their pay a whopping 16 percent.

The legislature is now the second-highest paid in the nation. Governor Rendell will sign the bill as he visits Washington DC.

The pay hike follows on the heels of last year's tax increase. It also follows statements from 1995 when legislators claimed the last pay hike scheme would eliminate the need for future raises.

List of the guilty:

House raise votes

Senate raise votes

House budget votes

Senate budget votes

London Under Attack!

Several explosions have rocked the public transportation system in London this morning. Multiple explosions have been reported in the Underground subway system and three buses have destroyed from blasts.

Multiple deaths have been reported and there are scores of casualties.

London has shut down their subway system.

There have been no claims of responsibility, but the scale of the attack and the coordination all point toward terrorism. Yesterday, London was awarded the rights to host the 2012 Olympic Games. Of course, it is unclear if the attacks have anything to do with the Games, the Iraq war, the G8 Summit, or some other cause.

Either way, terrorism is now fully involved in London. The government has been strongly supporting the War on Terror, but at the same time, they have been very careful to coddle the Muslim extremists among them. The poor British residents have also been stripped of their guns - a decision that has left a country with very little home defense.

The liberal "feel-good" policies have come back to haunt them. God be with the British people.

To all the peaceniks protesting the G8 Summit: Welcome to the War on Terror!

EDIT: There are now over 50 deaths and over 700 casualties. It seems there were three blasts on the subway and one on a bus. An al Qaida splinter group has claimed responsibility, but there hasn't been any way of verifying that claim.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Politicians Bathing Themselves In Money

Pennsylvania legislators already make a lot of money. They also get tremendous perks - $128 per day in walking money and nearly $8000 per year for auto expenses. They also get an automatic, annual, cost-of-living raise - last year's was over 5%. Well, now they want more. $10,000 per year more.

And politicians wonder why the public hates them. So, how will they pay for the planned raise? Why, raise your taxes again, of course!

There isn't much that is more insulting than hiking taxes to give yourself a raise for a job you did so poorly that you had to hike taxes.

Job growth is stagnant and young people are leaving in droves. Why do PA pols feel that now is the best time to continue to take pay raises and ask for more? Shamefully, the legislature is controlled by the once-fiscally responsible GOP. The conservative streak in elected officials is nearly dead - only a handful remain.

Let's hope that pro-growth conservative groups, such as the Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania and the PA Club for Growth can stir up enough grassroots angst to stop the insanity.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Dems, Old Media: 4,435 US Casualties Too Costly

After the Declaration of Independence, the US defeated Britain, the world's largest empire, in the Revolutionary War. The cost for freedom? 4,435 servicemen were killed.

Indeed, our brave soldiers fought a nearly impossible war - outnumbered and outgunned in nearly every battle. They lost many battles, but they stuck to their dream - a free America.

Imagine today's Old Media breathlessly reporting each terrible loss of life. Imagine how they would ghoulishly await each milestone so they could declare the failures of the US military and the policy of the leadership.

Imagine if the colonists who opposed military action were like the spineless Dems who try to undermine the leadership and the troops at every turn. Imagine them going to London to say that the US had no business being free and that the monarchy was admirable and honest. Imagine them saying that the Americans couldn't handle self-rule and that their culture couldn't handle democracy.

Thank God our forefathers had the mettle, courage, and moral clarity to stick to their dream.