Monday, July 04, 2005

Dems, Old Media: 4,435 US Casualties Too Costly

After the Declaration of Independence, the US defeated Britain, the world's largest empire, in the Revolutionary War. The cost for freedom? 4,435 servicemen were killed.

Indeed, our brave soldiers fought a nearly impossible war - outnumbered and outgunned in nearly every battle. They lost many battles, but they stuck to their dream - a free America.

Imagine today's Old Media breathlessly reporting each terrible loss of life. Imagine how they would ghoulishly await each milestone so they could declare the failures of the US military and the policy of the leadership.

Imagine if the colonists who opposed military action were like the spineless Dems who try to undermine the leadership and the troops at every turn. Imagine them going to London to say that the US had no business being free and that the monarchy was admirable and honest. Imagine them saying that the Americans couldn't handle self-rule and that their culture couldn't handle democracy.

Thank God our forefathers had the mettle, courage, and moral clarity to stick to their dream.

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