Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Under Attack!

Several explosions have rocked the public transportation system in London this morning. Multiple explosions have been reported in the Underground subway system and three buses have destroyed from blasts.

Multiple deaths have been reported and there are scores of casualties.

London has shut down their subway system.

There have been no claims of responsibility, but the scale of the attack and the coordination all point toward terrorism. Yesterday, London was awarded the rights to host the 2012 Olympic Games. Of course, it is unclear if the attacks have anything to do with the Games, the Iraq war, the G8 Summit, or some other cause.

Either way, terrorism is now fully involved in London. The government has been strongly supporting the War on Terror, but at the same time, they have been very careful to coddle the Muslim extremists among them. The poor British residents have also been stripped of their guns - a decision that has left a country with very little home defense.

The liberal "feel-good" policies have come back to haunt them. God be with the British people.

To all the peaceniks protesting the G8 Summit: Welcome to the War on Terror!

EDIT: There are now over 50 deaths and over 700 casualties. It seems there were three blasts on the subway and one on a bus. An al Qaida splinter group has claimed responsibility, but there hasn't been any way of verifying that claim.

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