Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Politicians Bathing Themselves In Money

Pennsylvania legislators already make a lot of money. They also get tremendous perks - $128 per day in walking money and nearly $8000 per year for auto expenses. They also get an automatic, annual, cost-of-living raise - last year's was over 5%. Well, now they want more. $10,000 per year more.

And politicians wonder why the public hates them. So, how will they pay for the planned raise? Why, raise your taxes again, of course!

There isn't much that is more insulting than hiking taxes to give yourself a raise for a job you did so poorly that you had to hike taxes.

Job growth is stagnant and young people are leaving in droves. Why do PA pols feel that now is the best time to continue to take pay raises and ask for more? Shamefully, the legislature is controlled by the once-fiscally responsible GOP. The conservative streak in elected officials is nearly dead - only a handful remain.

Let's hope that pro-growth conservative groups, such as the Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania and the PA Club for Growth can stir up enough grassroots angst to stop the insanity.

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