Thursday, July 28, 2005

Random Thoughts....

Jane Fonda is going on an anti-Iraq War tour. Has anyone told her that the war is over? Has she been glued to al-CNN for so long she thinks that all is lost? Does this woman ever do anything for the troops?

The Space Shuttle fleet has been grounded - again. Seems more foam came off the main tank. NASA put everything on hold until they can solve the problem. Here's the $2 solution: quit using the foam! It is only there to please the environmentalists. They need to keep the fuel cold, but enviros cried about the use of freon. Bring out the insulating foam! I'm sure the crew of the Columbia is greatful....

Extreme Extremists - are there any Supreme Court nominees that the dems would like? Even if Bush nominated Ted "My Car Has Killed More Than Your Gun" Kennedy, he'd be defeated because the dems just couldn't bear to give Bush a victory.

Extreme Extremists, Pt. 2 - why are we bogging down gitmo with trials? So, our tropps might have used a dog to scare prisoners...big, hairy deal. I bet the appeasers in London wish the terrorists used dogs on the subway. Someday, the US appeasers will understand - and when their loved one is killed by a homicide bomber in Manhattan, they'll still blame Bush.

Department of Redundency Department - why do people say "past history" or "very unique"?? History is the past. Unique things are one-of-a-kind, so they can't be very, really, kinda, quite unique. Also, you can't have a First Annual anything. It has to be the second occasion to be annual. Otherwise, it's inaugural.

Lance Armstrong is a superhero. You gotta love a Texan who embarrasses the French. The sickening part of the 2005 Tour de Lance was John Kerry showing up to hog some world media air time. What the heck was he doing there, anyway? Oh, yeah...the race is in France.

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