Thursday, July 07, 2005

They Taxed, and Now They Spend...on Themselves

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In the dark of night, when thieves come to steal and destroy, the PA legislature voted to increase their pay a whopping 16 percent.

The legislature is now the second-highest paid in the nation. Governor Rendell will sign the bill as he visits Washington DC.

The pay hike follows on the heels of last year's tax increase. It also follows statements from 1995 when legislators claimed the last pay hike scheme would eliminate the need for future raises.

List of the guilty:

House raise votes

Senate raise votes

House budget votes

Senate budget votes

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ConservativeValues said...

Please - I encourage everyone to sign our petition DEMANDING immediate action on legislation that is desparately needed.

1. The State houses in Pennsylvania MUST address the property tax issue NOW

2. The manner in which increases are approved for the legislators MUST be reformed to include a referendum of the people.

Take 30 seconds and sign the petition. We will NOT forget this action at election time, we will not allow the voters to forget or the legislators themselves.