Monday, August 15, 2005

Young Conservatives Strike Back

The Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania have started a new campaign to keep the pay grab on the front burner. The web site,, calls residents to action by supporting billboards and radio spots. Several clever mock-ups show what can be purchased for $500.

YCOP founder, Chris Lilik, has a great write-up on his blog,

In YCOP style, the boards target any politician - regardless of party - that voted for the pay raise.

Please consider supporting InformedPA. Keep the politician's feet to the fire. Purchase a board for your area and let your state representative and/or senator that the revolution starts now!

Better yet, consider running for office...and help throw the bums out!

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Doctor Rick said...

Great commentary as well. I think this is an extremely effective message as I have commented on my blog. It truly gets the point out there.