Thursday, October 06, 2005

Iraqi Progress Ignored by Dems, Old Media

Harry Reid and the dems want answers about Iraq. They continually blast Bush and the GOP for all of the failures in the war on terrorism. Now, Reid wants to know if there is any good news in Iraq.

Well, since Reid is a beltway guy, you'd almost understand why he wonders if there is good news out of Iraq. Truth be told, he's the senate minority leader. He gets the briefings. He has access to the classified reports. Heck, he has the Internet and is able to look up good news like anyone else.

The Old Media and dems (redundant, I know) have a full-scale blackout on the good news in Iraq. They downplay the elections while over-reporting the car bombs. They ignore the number of schools built while trumpeting every US combat death. They dismiss the millions of Iraqis who now have freedom while they focus on the handful of Baathists who liked it better under Sadaam.

Reid knows although we lost nearly 2000 troops, we've killed tens of thousands of terrorists - but he can't bring himself to give credit to the troops. Reid knows that our troops are loved by the Iraqis and welcomed with cheers, even to this day - but he can't give credit to Bush's plan.

The dems have been on the wrong side of history for at least a couple generations. They continually whine, moan, and complain from the sidelines. What has Reid done for the cause? What have the dems done to help our troops, not hinder them? When have you heard a dem support the troops and the mission (they are one and the same, you know)? They blast the operations and slander the troops whenever they get the chance (Abu Ghraib and Gitmo, anyone?).

Thank God for a president who is willing to do the right thing and free oppressed people and protect our borders. Thank God for troops who are willing to risk their lives for total strangers in order to bring about peace for all races. The dems hate when the president says the US needs to stay the course. The Iraqis are hoping that we do.

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