Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Old Media: Yay! 2000 War Dead!

Surprise, surprise - the Old Media is celebrating the death of our soldiers. They always talk about the count, and now it has hit another anti-war propaganda milestone.

2000 US troops have died while freeing the Iraqi people. Instead of celebrating their sacrifice, the OM use the total to blast the policies of the Bush administration.

In two years, our troops removed a brutal dictator, freed millions of people, established order, formed a government, held elections, created a constitution, and oversaw successful elections. All of this in the Middle East!

We have always had at least 130,000 troops in theater. To only lose 2000 is absolutely remarkable. It speaks volumes of our fighting men and women, their commanders, and their Chief.

It is truly sad when your blind hatred of a person (Bush) keeps you from appreciating these momentous times. It is truly sad when your blind hatred of America and its conservative capitalist ways makes you want to turn the Iraqi victory into a Vietnam-style loss.

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