Friday, November 04, 2005

Bomb Threats Plague Grove City High School

For the fifth time (maybe sixth or seventh when you read this) in a month, Grove City, PA has had the high school evacuated because of bomb threats. Officials are scratching their heads over a solution to the problem.

Initially, students would leave the notes in the bathrooms. Some school board members and citizens recommended putting cameras in the bathrooms, but that was dismissed by the school solicitor as illegal. Besides, who would you entrust to watch your child go to the bathroom?

The administration closed most bathrooms and posted monitors at the open ones. Students would have to sign in and out, then the monitors would check to see if any notes were left.

As predicted, the students adapted and left notes in the hallway.

Officials need to get tough with the student body. They should have manditory Saturday classes - even if the threat halts classes for a hour. Cancel extracurricular activities. Someone who has done one (or all) of these threats has bragged to another student about it. Soon the students would turn on each other.

Once the police get their hands on a student, make an example of him or her. Nail the perp to the wall with a felony conviction. Try the student as an adult. Put someone in jail.

In our day and age, we can't go soft with a "it was just a joke - no one got hurt" excuse. The past dozen years are littered with small schools that have been terrorized. We can't let someone get away with crying "wolf."

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