Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Democrat Wish List

During this Christmas...err...winter season, be sure to think about your democrat friends and neighbors. They have a huge wish list to help return them to power. I know that I'll be working extra hard to make sure they get nothing...or better yet - coal! Clean, efficient coal.

Dem Wish List
- More US troops killed in Iraq (helps that retreat strategy)
- As many aborted babies as possible
- Any babies that survive Planned Parenthood and NARAL should be impoverished and reliant on the government
- The weather to be too cold or too hot (all from "global warming" - right?)
- Gas prices as high as possible
- Terrorists freed from Gitmo and all secret prisons
- More "torture" stories that slander our troops
- More beheadings (so Dems can blame terrorism on our troops)
- No WMD found in 2006 (please, please, please)
- The economy tanking
- More hurricanes (Bush makes them happen, you know?)
- Iraq elections failing and the country falling apart
- Iran to get nuclear weapons
- Bin Laden et. al. to remain in hiding
- Al Qaida to become larger and stronger

There's likely a lot more, but let's not appear too greedy, okay?

So, what is the one thing these "wishes" have in common? They are all anti-America. They all harm America. The Dems have worked so hard in their hatred of Bush and capitalism that they only do well at the ballot box when America is hurt.

I'm sure you traditional, conservative Dems are proud of the leaders of your party...

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