Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Little Dose of Media Bias

I found this gem on the Herald (Sharon, PA) web site. I just thought I'd share.

Bush refuses relief
By Cary Snyder
Herald Staff Writer

President Bush may have single-handedly put several hundred local steelworkers out of a job Friday when he refused to impose a quota on the surge of Chinese pipe imports.

I'm not sure how much more bias Snyder could show, but this sentence is chock full of leftist babbling. Here's what Snyder "forgot" to consider:

- The mills are run poorly. Perhaps they have bad management and do not do well keeping the company in the black. The owners lack vision. They treat their employees poorly.
- EPA regulations are constraining the mills. The burdensome regs make it financially impossible to upgrade the sites. The government actually makes it cheaper to run an inefficient shop than to upgrade under the regs.
- The unions are inefficient and costly. With healthcare always on the rise, many companies (i.e. Ford and GM) are simply geting swamped by the cost burden they carry. If they want to renegotiate the costs, the unions threaten to shut down the plant. So, by shouldering the heavy costs, the plant shuts down, anyway.

Clearly, these three options would be major reasons that would "put several hundred local steelworkers out of a job." You would have to be either an incredibly incompetent or unbeliveably biased reporter to overlook them and claim that Bush may have "single-handedly" put workers on the street.

I would bet Snyder has talent, so that leaves one option.

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