Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Madness of PennDOT Bureaucracy

Not many people love a bureaucracy. It's a living organism that feeds off itself. It loves the status quo.

Because of its nature, bureaucracy defies logic. If an idea makes sense, it gets burdened by the anchor of inefficiency. Case in point: the PA Vehicle Code does not allow tire tread surfaces to be exposed. Tires may be covered by flares. Flares can only be 3" wide. This width limit is already narrower than the flares that come standard on Jeeps and some trucks. If a 4X4 owner wants to get slightly bigger tires to go off road, the current flare regulation forbids it.

I've been working with State Representative Dick Stevenson and PennDOT to have the 3" width bumped up to 8" wide. Sounds simple, right?

It has been nearly two years since I initiated the process. And we are still waiting on PennDOT. Needless to say, the wheels of progress turn very slowly at this bureaucratic monster.

To complicate matters, the 2007 Jeep Wrangler was just unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. It comes with newly designed flares that are about a foot wide - 4 times wider than the state allows!

If it takes two years to increase the flare width from 3" to 8", imagine how hard it will be to increase it to include the new Wrangler. Oy!

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