Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's all about the Media

Is there any doubt about the media's obsession with itself?

Vice President Dick Cheney "peppered" a fellow quail hunter with BBs and all the press cares about is why they weren't notified right away.

Some of the lame reporters have even tried to call it a failed coverup. Some have asked if Cheney should resign.

This just further shows how ignorant the beltway press is with the activities of "middle America." Hunting is part of the national heritage. Getting peppered with shot is not an uncommon thing.

To hear the press tell it, Cheney gunned down a man and tried to cover it up.

The witnesses say that the victim violated protocol by joining the group unannounced. When a covey of quail was flushed, Cheney followed a bird and squeezed the trigger. The fellow hunter just happened to be in the path - as much as 30 yards away.

Shotguns have tremendoud muzzle velocity - speed at which shot leaves the barrel. However, the BBs slow down greatly over distance. The result is known as peppering - a shower of shot. The speed was still great enough to pierce the skin, but not nearly enough to be life threatening.

The anti-gun beltway media quickly envisions gang violence and the damage caused by handguns and rifles. They have no thought, no understanding of how guns truly work and they don't care to find out.

They care about themselves - and how they can attempt to start yet another rumor of scandal.

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