Friday, March 17, 2006

Destruction of St. Patrick's Day

Yet another Christian holiday destroyed by humanistic culture. March 17th is set aside to honor the man who brough Christianity to Ireland. To celebrate it, people drink alcohol - lots and lots of alcohol.

I wonder how many people even know what the true meaning of the day is....

Add St. Patrick's Day to the likes of Easter, St. Valentine's Day, and sadly, Christmas.


Molls said...

Oh don't be such a green grinch Richie! You know you loved St. Patty's day at one time or another. It really is a great holiday you know! Silly silly man!

Rich Talbert said...

I love the holiday for the right reasons.

I don't drink and I'm repulsed by the blatant destruction of another Christian holiday.

But, hey...drinking is far more important, right?

molls said...

You got it babe! :-P

Besides it's fun to watch the drunks while you're sober!