Tuesday, March 28, 2006

French Strikes and Riots

The youth and labor unions in France are striking and rioting. Why? Because the government has enacted a new law - one that allows companies to fire employees younger than 26 with less than two years on the job.

Sure, you are scratching your head - you thought that was the case everywhere. Well, not in a socialist empire. In a land where the government owes you everything, apparently one thing is a guaranteed job.

Welcome to life, kids. Once you get your government-supplied education, you now are not necessarily going to get a government-supplied job. Go do it yourself! The rewards are fabulous.

Related: Picture of the Century! Classic banner moment - French protesters hold up a banner showing their displeasure about the possibility of getting fired. The banner read "We will never surrender!" Too bad they have lacked this fortutude over the last 100 years...Never Surrender? Yeah, right.

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