Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rendell's Socialist Slip-of-the-Tongue

Many thanks to Nathan Benefield over at the Commonwealth Foundation for finding this gem in The Scranton-Times Tribune. It seems Fast Eddie Rendell let his socialist nature loose during a campaign swing through Uniontown, PA:

"Rendell says voters have a clear choice between a candidate who talks of cutting taxes and limiting spending - Swann - and one who advocates using government to achieve desirable social and economic change even if it may require higher taxes."

"Without government help in many communities, 'growth would never have occurred,' he says. 'Quality of life would never have improved.'"

You may pick up your jaw now. There you have the difference between a liberal and a condervative. Rendell believes that market forces aren't the solution. He doesn't see the drive and determination of the American worker as the solution. He sees government as the solution to social and economic issues. Wow.

If you aren't motivated to vote for Swann now, I don't know what will sway you.

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